Take Light: Creative Expressions from AIPC Fellows

Shri Aashay Gune, Fellow, AIPC Maharashtra
Shri Yogesh Sachdeva, President, AIPC Delhi
Shri Prakhar Dixit, Secretary, AIPC North Delhi
Shri Vijay Prithvi Dhillon, President, AIPC Haryana
Shri Aakash Malhotra, Coordinator, DPCC Engagement, AIPC Delhi

AIPC Round Up

AIPC Fellows Across the Country Help in Covid-19 Relief Work....

Building a Strong Foundation: AIPC Delhi’s New Organization Structure

Since AIPC’s inception in 2017, AIPC Delhi has led and participated in a plethora of initiatives including large−scale events, on−the−ground community work, publishing research & white papers, working on election campaigns, and much more....

Ms. Shamli Prakash