Covid-19: Its Impact on the Health Sector in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a timely wake−up call for countries around the worldand has forced them to re−evaluate the importance of public healthcare infrastructure development and spending....

Dr Geeta Reddy, Regional Coordinator−South Zone, AIPC

Our Need for Collective Collaboration Cyclone Ampham

The All India Professionals’ Congress (AIPC) was founded as India’s first political platform focused on incorporating the voice and understanding the aspirations of India’s burgeoning professional and entrepreneurial class....

Ms. Szarita Laitphlang, Regional Coordinator−East Zone, AIPC

Wrecked by the Pandemic: India’s Female Professionals

“I am multitasking, can I request to attend this VC as an audio call without the video?” requested a woman cutting vegetables while her four-year-old kid clung to her clothes as she spoke to her manager. This has been the story all over the country for working women during the “work from home” arrangement that most organizations had to switch to because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and also thereafter, owing to precautionary measures.

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Development Editor: Anushree Gang

Covid-19: A Severe Wound to the Indian Economy

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every sector of our economy. Businesses around the world are facing its heat. Leading agencies across the world have been making grim predictions about the future....

Shri Rajiv Arora, Regional Coordinator−West Zone, AIPC

Defections: The Question of Free Will and People’s Mandate

Defections in politics is a phenomenonas old as the time of tribal societies, witnessed by monarchies,dictatorships,and alsonew age democracies. While historically the power play in tribes often experienced the switching of sides by the second in command of leaders, monarchies have seen immediate family members taking over from ruling family members in bloodied coups or otherwise, dictators have been poisoned or killed by their very own, and democracies have faced overnight jumping of party ships by politicians for material benefits or power or executive office.

Mathew Antony
President, AIPC Maharashtra

The Missing ‘Lady of Justice’: Gender Gap in Judiciary

The Supreme Court was established in October 1935 and functioned as India’s federal court until it assumed its present form in January 1950. The initial strength of the judges was only eight—Chief Justice and seven puisne judges...

Avani Bansal
Advocate Supreme Court
Vice President, AIPC Delhi
Radhika Ghosh
Law Student, Hidayatulla National Law University,
Raipur, Chhattisgarh