Disempowering Millions of Dreams

Inspire! (July 23, 2020) To most Indians, August 5, 2019 was about a cherished goal of the RSS and the BJP. The abrogation of Article 370 and revocation of autonomy for Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir was about making J&K part of the mainstream, more like other states. This is how integration would be achieved. The time for appeasement was over. This broad narrative pushed by the ruling establishment carried the day. However, the actions of that day constituted a significant blow to India’s federal structure. But in what way do the actions of that day impact the lives of ordinary Indians? Does August 5, 2019 matter beyond partisan jubilation or depression? Does it really matter for India’s future? At an individual level, what does it matter to a citizen? There are no easy answers to these weighty questions of constitutional principles and propriety. However, there will certainly be consequences at different levels and not always in ways that we imagined.

Federalism &“New India’s” Centralization Theme

Salman Anees Soz
Dy Chairman, AIPC & Regional Coordinator, AIPC North Zone

Note from the Chief Operations Officer

It’s indeed a pleasure to look back upon all that we have managed to achieve together in these few months since the first edition of AIPC Inspire! was published. We have made unimaginable strides and maintained consistent growth. As a department and as a unit we have been able to give more of our colleagues an opportunity to get to know one another and contribute together.

Aalim Javeri, Chief Operations Officer, AIPC

Note from the Deputy Chairman

Congratulations to the AIPC Inspire! team for bringing out the next edition of our magazine. The team has worked exceptionally hard to compile timely, relevant, and interesting content that I am certain will hold the attention of AIPC Fellows.

Salman Anees Soz, Deputy Chairman, AIPC & Regional Coordinator, AIPC North Zone

Note from the Editor-in-Chief

‘April is the cruellest month’ wrote T. S. Eliot in his poem The Waste Land, in 1922. Almost a hundred years later, the words came back to haunt us!

Dr Vandana R. Singh, Editor-in-Chief , Inspire!

Note from the Deputy Chairman

It is difficult to overstate the need for more expertise and diversity of perspectives in Indian politics. After all, healthy political life should depend on a loop of consistent feedback and course correction.....

Shri Salman Anees Soz

Note from the Chief Operations Officer

The constitution highlights the guiding pricipals of the Congress party. It forms the foundation on which the party is based. All our party members are bound by the Constitution and uphold it with the greatest esteem and regard. Read the Constitution........

Shri Aalim Javeri

Note from the Editor-in-Chief

This platform is here for all of us to connect and converge, introspect and ideate, frame and formulate. It will be our collective Voice for Progress.....

Dr Vandana R. Singh