Building a Strong Foundation: AIPC Delhi’s New Organization Structure

Ms. Shamli Prakash

Since AIPC’s inception in 2017, AIPC Delhi has led and participated in a plethora of initiatives including large−scale events, on−the−ground community work, publishing research & white papers, working on election campaigns, and much more. At the end of 2019, our team decided to take a step back and reflect upon opportunities for further strengthening the state unit. We brainstormed and garnered inputs from several office bearers, Fellows and AIPC leaders. The end result was a blueprint for establishing a new, functional organizational structure at the Delhi state level. This was reviewed by AIPC’s National Executive. AIPC leadership was very supportive and encouraged us to pilot the new structure.

Our Vision

Over the last nearly six months, the Delhi team has implemented the first phase of this new structure.

Our key goals in doing so have been the following:

Current Status

In order to define the organization structure, we identified 15 functional roles based on the various types of work AIPC Delhi typically gets involved in (refer attached image). We have filled all of these 15 state− level positions that were created. Each position has been filled through a robust process of inviting applications, discussing expectations from the role, and identifying Fellows with the right experience and skillset to fulfil them. We have assigned two leads to each position, instead of just one, to ensure that the burden can be shared among the two team−members.

While it is still early days in this journey we have undertaken, the initial response has been very positive. We now have a much larger team of dedicated people who are all focusing on building the foundations for their roles, working closely with each other and the larger state team. Chapter office bearers of the six Delhi chapters have embraced the new structure and are working hand−in−hand with the new team members to organize their chapter events even more effectively than earlier.

The Delhi team will continue to monitor and track the progress we make with these changes to make sure we are building a team that can be a strong asset for our party and its leaders.

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